SYDI-Server 2.0 Released

by patrick.ogenstad on June 26, 2006

I have just released SYDI-Server 2.0, which is part of the Open Source SYDI project. The goal of SYDI is to help people document their networks.

SYDI-Server is written in vbscript, it uses WMI to collect information from Windows Servers and Clients and writes information to XML or Microsoft Word.

You can download SYDI-Server 2.0 here.

The most exiting update for this release is the script ss-xml2word.vbs. It enables you to;

1. Convert a SYDI-Server XML file to word: Useful in situations where you don’t have Word installed. On a DMZ or running a scheduled task from a server.
2. Keep your documentation updated: In combination with the XML file from SYDI-Server you can create an own file where you have the written documentation for the target system. The two files are combined to a final Word report.
3. Native Language: I’ve added support for English and Swedish (the only two I know), it’s very easy to edit the translation files to support your native language. Contact me if you would like to maintain your own language file.

I have also added support for IIS, on target computers running Windows Server 2003. In this version the script only collects the most basic settings; more will come in later versions.

The complete ChangeLog since 1.6:
- Added ss-xml2word.vbs
- Added basic reporting for Internet Information Services (IIS)
- Added Language: Swedish (through ss-xml2word.vbs)
- Added members of local groups
- Added Sound Cards
- Added CD-ROM Drives
- Added Tape Drives
- Added Startup Commands
- Fixed CPU count for HT systems (thanks to Thomas from
- Added -D option which might be useful for reporting bugs
- Fixed issue with using -u and -p (thanks alexwoolsey)
- Fixed a bug related to storage
- Removed -o option from wrapper script (appeared in help but didn’t exist, sorry :) )

For more information about SYDI take a look at the website, or keep reading this blog.

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Kaisa M. Lindahl Lervik October 10, 2006 at 11:00 am

Found this tool today, as I was about to start documenting a development server. Very, very nice indeed! Saves lots of time. Great!

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