SYDI-Server 2.2 Released

Yesterday I released version 2.2 of my network documentation tool, SYDI-Server. The new package contains some small fixes, but also a script which lets you audit local group memberships in all your computers. That is local machine specific groups, not domain local groups.

So what you’ll be able to do is to track down all your users running as local administrators, or just find strange groups which shouldn’t appear in your organization.

I’ve also launched a network documentation newsletter for SYDI. This will be my main information channel for SYDI and my writings about network documentation. According to many of its users SYDI is a great tool. I would say it’s a great tool for doing mundane tasks i.e. collecting and presenting information. What I’m saying is that you don’t really need the sydi-server script, it’s just that if you use it you spend 2 minutes compared to several hours. However there’s much more to network documentation than the data collected from sydi-server.

If you like SYDI and want to improve your network documentation be sure to sign up, the newsletter is as free as SYDI.

Though before you sign up you might want to grab the latest sydi-server.


  1. Giovanni Coa says

    Dear, I really think your Sydi will have to became the correct way a server or device have to be documented. I’m serious when I say that every software lack of auto-documenting feature that is a key point in today IT problems.

    I would like to known if I can contribute as beta tester or any other way.

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